Teach Your Child


Billie H.
“I loved it, and am sharing it with children and adults alike! It makes you feel honored to be a part of a child's life and heart.”

Every parent wants their children to grow up to be happy healthy adults. There are many ways to teach your child, including reading to them. One of the best way kids can learn is through examples. Books are a great way to teach your child about life through fictional or real characters. The Misadventures of Jennifer Pennifer is a kids reading book that teaches your child that it is normal to make mistakes.

As a parent, an important part of your job is teaching your child about life, what is expected, how to treat others, kindness, and acceptance. Jennifer Pennifer lets children know that you will love them even when the mess-up, or make a mistake.

The author, Leslie B. Kuerbitz, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, who has worked with individuals, couples, and families. For over 25 years she has used her knowledge to help her own family as well as others. Her daughter, the real Jennifer was brought up with the same idea Jennifer Pennifer expresses. You can use Leslie’s knowledge to teach your child about life’s misadventures and how to handle them. This is not just a story for children. While you are teaching your child about life’s twists and turns you can learn positive parenting practices.

The book’s goal is to teach parents and children the benefit of a home where children can express their thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner. In Jennifer Pennifer’s house parents and children communicate lovingly and provide emotional support. These lessons will benefit your child tremendously. Teaching your child should be an important part of your daily life. Setting aside a time to read with your child is a great way to impart life’s lessons while your child is entertained at the same time.

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