Parenting Advice


Billie H.
“I loved it, and am sharing it with children and adults alike! It makes you feel honored to be a part of a child's life and heart.”

There are many books targeted towards parents-to-be and parents, to teach them about childrearing practices. There are also many children’s books whose goal is to teach kids lessons while entertaining them. However, there are only a few books that give great parenting advice while entertaining kids. The Misadventures of Jennifer Pennifer is one of those rare books; it simultaneously teaches parents and children about the importance of a positive home environment.

Jennifer Pennifer, the main character, shows parents what to do when their child makes a mistake. Parents learn that screaming and yelling is not constructive. Rather, a parent should explain why a child should or should not do something. This way the child will be able to make good decisions when their parents are not present. This type of parenting advice showcases the importance of family, and the atmosphere created in the home.

By setting aside a special time to read Jennifer Pennifer, and other stories, you create a supportive atmosphere. Your kids will appreciate the time they get to spend with you, as well as learn that it is ok to make mistakes. You can achieve this bond without having to read about parenting by yourself.

The author of Jennifer Pennifer, Leslie Kuerbitz, is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Leslie wanted to give others the same parenting advice she used while raising her daughter, the real Jennifer. This advice includes teaching "appropriate behavior through love, discipline, and encouragement."

The parenting literature can be overwhelming and a bit confusing. The best parenting advice is to create an atmosphere where your children will feel comfortable telling you when they need help or when they have made a mistake. This book was written "to show how parents who discipline with love and set age-appropriate boundaries, can pass this legacy on to their own children. My goal is healthier, happier homes and families."