Good Kids Reading Book


Billie H.
“I loved it, and am sharing it with children and adults alike! It makes you feel honored to be a part of a child's life and heart.”

There are many methods for teaching children. Parents can teach by their actions, by their words, and through real life and literary examples. One way to teach through literary examples is story time. Setting aside time each day to teach with good kids reading books enhances the parent child bond. Story time can be anytime, however for many parents story time is a great pre-bed time ritual. It is a time for kids to relax before they fall asleep. While there are many kids reading books in the market place, not all of them provide the positive messages of Jennifer Pennifer.

Jennifer, the main character, teaches children that it’s ok to make mistakes. Through Jennifer’s misadventures kids learn that parents will love them even when they make mistakes. While it is true that kids can enhance their reading skills with books that don’t teach positive messages, finding good kids reading books is important for parents who want their children to know what a positive family life should be like.

Good kids reading books not only help children but also help parents. Jennifer Pennifer shows parents that the best way to help your children is through teaching, not yelling. It is better to explain why children should do certain things rather than yelling at them when they make a mistake. Reading time with kids creates a strong bond between parents and children.

The author, Leslie Kuerbitz is a Licensed Professional Counselor who wanted to share her knowledge and experiences in raising her daughter, the real Jennifer. Leslie believes that “All children experience misadventures as they explore the world,” and that “they should be taught appropriate behavior through love, discipline, and encouragement.”

Your children will journey with Jennifer through one of her misadventures in one of the best kids reading books around.