Posted on April 28th, 2009

A friend is someone who enjoys being with you and likes to do a lot of the same things. Jennifer Pennifer’s best friend is Samantha. They enjoy playing basketball and riding their bicycles together. On rainy days when they aren’t in school, they like to play with their dolls, have tea parties, draw pictures and color in coloring books.  When their friend Jason comes over to play, they like to play with building blocks and card games.  It’s nice to have friends who care about you, are easy to talk to and help to make life fun!

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  1. This is even true when you’re my age! Thanks for taking me back some, but also reminding me there are basic things about friendship that we can all enjoy!

  2. Hi Leslie!
    Its Coral from Dallas!
    Its my first time bloging si please answer!
    Me and my friend Isabelle decided NOT to be friends with the girl that separates us and makes us cry and makes us fight with each other.
    The girl that makes this trouble moved for Canada and is very mean.
    her name is Deena Oziel and has no friends just because she is very mean.
    She is very addicting so when you talk to her and start conversations, you get addicted so we are okay for now my teacher Mrs.Green actually my favorite teacher is know pregnant with a girl and i’m very happy for her!
    She just left today because she ahs another job but she is hopefully coming back when we start school!
    Peace,Love,Happyness,:),Coral Katave

  3. Hi Coral: I’m so sorry you had to deal with a “friend,” who was cruel to you and Isabelle. Sounds like she wasn’t very happy, herself. I hope you and Isabelle feel better! Take care of yourselves! Leslie

  4. Dear Leslie,
    A few moths ago, I wrote to you
    about a friend that makes me and my best friend cry and stuff.
    I decided to be her friend again, so now, having a great time!
    I cant wait for your next Jennifer Pennifer!

  5. Hi Coral: so glad that you have worked out everything with your friend! It is so much better when we talk to one another and try to get along. I’m very proud of you and so is Jennifer Pennifer!
    Love, Leslie

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