Hey Kids….Share your Misadventures!

Posted on March 30th, 2009

"OH NO!"

"OH NO!"

All children have “misadventures” just like Jennifer Pennifer. Share some of your stories (”misadventures”)!

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  2. When I was pretty young, my dad was out doing yard work and I was out bothering him and exploring. At one point, I came up to him and said “Look at this big fishing work” that was
    dangling from my hand. It was a snake!
    Thanks, Cindi

  3. Thanks Cindi! We sure were innocent when we were younger and very trusting! It’s a good thing Dad was there to help you through this “misadventure!”

  4. I love your story,and I’M glad you came,and I hope you
    come again. love chloe

  5. I love the story,and LOVE you so I hope you come again

  6. I love your book,and I love you,and I hope you can come to our school again

  7. I ALWAYS have a Misadventure!
    I day dream praticly all the time!
    Like one time we were at a resturant and I took some Coke for my mom and Sprite for me i by accident left the cup pushing the button your supposed to push when u want something to drink!
    It was filling up more, & more!
    It went all the way to the top and the cup was overloading! I got Coke all over my sleeve!
    ha ha ha, sometimes day dreaming doesn’t help alot!
    Coral Katave


  9. Coral: You kept pushing the soda button and it kept filling up and spilled all over you. As Jennifer Pennifer’s mom, I can tell you how she probably did the same thing and I know I have done it before as well. Sometimes, when I have poured a glass of soda, I go too far and it foams up over the glass and onto the placemat and table! It can really make a sticky mess! Oh well…accidents can happen!

  10. Hi Chloe! I’m so glad you enjoyed the reading of Jennifer Pennifer! It was fun to come to your school and to read to you and all of the other students! I hope you enjoy reading Jennifer Pennifer yourself at school. I have put a copy in the library! Have fun and enjoy your school year! Love, Leslie

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