What to do About Yelling

Posted on March 26th, 2009

Negative feelings can cause our heart rates to increase as we experience shallow breathing, while in ”fight or flight” mode. Muscles can tighten up and  heart rates can increase. Breathing may become shallow and we may not be getting enough oxygen to our brains. Taking a “time out” or “cool down” is important when we feel these physiological cues to anger.  By slowing down our rate of breathing and taking deep breaths, our brains becomes oxygenated. This helps us to calm down and see things more clearly. This can also help to diffuse tense situations and prevent abusive behavior toward others. 

Expressing thoughts and feelings in a constructive, rather than destructive manner is also helpful. It is much better to discuss negative feelings and situations as they occur, rather than letting the “little things” build to explosive expressions of anger.

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