Jennifer Pennifer Goes Global

Posted on March 16th, 2009

You’ve met Jennifer Pennifer here on the¬†website. Now meet her in person when you buy the book. She lives on every page. Find out what happens in her first misadventure!

Jennifer Pennifer book signing

Jennifer Pennifer book signing

6 Responses to “Jennifer Pennifer Goes Global”

  1. Jennifer Pennifer is a wonderful book! The story is fun and the illustrations beautiful. JP is a perfect addition to the library of any child.

  2. Shelley: thanks so much for your comment! I hope your family is enjoying Jennifer Pennifer!

  3. Leslie,
    I finally got around to setting up my PayPal account so I could buy your book. I have a great nephew almost 2 and a great niece on the way as well as a great ? on the way. I am purchasing a book for my niece and nephew so they can benefit from your insights, wisdom and humor. They both love dogs also! My family as well as my husband, Alan’s family all have rescued many dogs. Ernie is sleeping soundly on the bed next to me as I write this.
    Best wishes in the sucess of the book!

  4. Hi Kathy! Thanks so much for your interest and support in the book. I’m so glad you want to buy the book for your family. Hope Jen Pen and I can pass on some tidbits. I just love dog people. There is no one out there like us! Give Ernie a kiss and hug for me and take care of you! Leslie.

  5. Hello Leslie,
    Thanks so much for signing the books for my niece and nephew. They both have babies due this year and I was so excited to give them Jennifer Pennifer as a gift. Best wishes for many book sales!

  6. Kathy: thanks so much for your support of Jennifer Pennifer. I am so pleased that you wanted to give the book to families expecting babies. This is a great way for them to start out their families - the right way - with lots of love and support! Again, many thanks Kathy!

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