Boo Boo’s Misadventures

Posted on March 16th, 2009

Hi! I'm Boo Boo!

Hi! I'm Boo Boo!

I’m one of Jennifer Pennifer’s puppy dogs. Sometimes, I get into a misadventure, too! I love to eat Jennifer Pennifer’s flip flops, especially the leather kind. Jennifer Pennifer needs to remember to put her flip flops away in the closet. What kind of misadventure do you get into?

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  1. Hi Boo Boo,
    My name is Bella. I’m a mini dachshund
    I’m on a road trip and there are so many new smells along the way. I celebrated my 1st birthday this week. My mom got me a big bone and took me to the beach for the first time. I chased all the sea gulls. I hid my bone between the cushions in the couch, thinking that maybe I’ll get another one! I’m a little stressed out because I have to spend lots of time in the car on this trip. I also tried to play with some cats but they didn’t want to play and they kept trying to scratch me. I will write to you again from my next destination.
    Woof Woof

  2. Hi Bella…Hope you had a wonderful Birthday, especially chasing the seagulls. I like to chase birds and squirrels! I am almost two years old! I got to meet your mom and I know she loved my ears. They are special! Anyway, sometimes that bone trick doesn’t work. Our humans know how many they give to us! I guess they don’t want us to get roly poly! I know what you mean about spending time in the car! I drove cross country to Atlanta one time and I was pooped. In fact, I slept most of the way! Well, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks so much for writing to me, and as we say in dog vernacular: ARF! ARF!

  3. Hello, Boo Boo! My name is Ernie. I live in Villa Hills, KY with my Mom, Kathy Vicory. She thinks your book is cool and wishes her Mom would have had such a book in the 50’s when she was a child. I’m a rescue from a shelter, am 10 and a half years old and the love of my Mom and Dad. I sleep on queen sized beds, and my favorite spring activities are playing frisbee with my Mom, sniffing under the deck where I’m sure there are rabbits living and chasing squirrels! I love rides in the car with my Mom with my head out the window and barking at dogs being walked. Woof, woof (peace)!

  4. Hi Ernie. Very glad to meet you. I’m so happpy that your Mom likes the book. I know my brother and sister Charlie and Shotzie enjoyed being in the book along with me and Jennifer Pennifer! I get to sleep on my Mom and Dad’s bed, too! I know what you mean about barking at the other dogs. I like to do that and I especially like to bark at people walking their dogs. I get very excited when Mom and Dad take me out for a run! Well, thanks for writing to me. I look forward to hearing from you again! Boo Boo

  5. Hello Boo Boo,
    I’m still on my road trip with my mom. She had to work this past weekend so I stayed with relatives. I did get to sleep in Grammie and Grampy’s bed which was really great because Grampy loves me but not crazy about dogs under the covers. I stayed really quiet and made sure I slept through the night. Josie (7) and Julie (2) were visiting too so I had lots to keep me busy. Each house has a water view and I get to watch all the birds and these big boats every day. Last night I ate at the Riverside Restaurant on Las Olas Blvd in Ft. Lauderdale. You have to try it with Jennifer Pennifer some day because dogs are welcome and encouraged to visit . They even have a special menu for dogs! I met a peek and a boxer who were also dining out. I was so happy to see my mom when she came to pick me up from work. I think I heard mom say we will head home on Tuesday. I miss my home and my friend Angel. I wish I could come to your house to play. Love, Bella

  6. Hi Bella Doodle! So glad you got to visit with Grammy and Grampy and the girls! I’ll be they gave you lots of loving! You are very special to be taken out for dinner and I know you enjoyed meeting other puppy dogs! I know what you mean about missing your mom. My mom is in California and I miss her very much, although, daddy is taking good care of me! Well, have a very safe trip home. Perhaps, one day we can meet and play! Thanks for writing to me and please, keep in touch! Love, Boo Boo

  7. Hello Boo Boo! Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you! My Dad left the gate open yesterday and I got out and went into the garage and waited for them to come out and take me a ride. To my surprise, I didn’t get to go for a ride, only was coaxed into the house by my frantic Mom! Spring is finally arriving here in the Cincinnati area and hopefully I’ll get to play outdoor Frisbee soon! The indoor Frisbee is getting to be a drag!

  8. Hi Boo Boo,
    I got a little smarter this week as my mom stopped at Lyberty University in Lynchburg, VA to visit the Jacobs Family and meet their friends. I got to run around the picnic tables at Doc’s Diner for the afternoon. It was fun to meet Jenny and Horace because they are dog people. Next I’m off to Baltimore and will I spend my last night on the road with my friend Kisses the cat. I can’t wait to be home and smell the grass in my own yard. Love, Bella

  9. Hi Ernie! I missed my mom on Easter. She was away visiting friends on the West Coast. But, she came home on Monday and gave me lots of hugs and kisses. Dad took good care of me while she was gone. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go for a ride. I know our folks get upset when they can’t find us. I get scared a little too! Sure hope you are having a great week. It is springtime here in Texas. It’s nice to sit out in the sun and catch some rays! Talk to you soon! Boo Boo!

  10. Hi Bella. Wow…you have really been traveling the country! I know you have seen some great sights, as well as many birds, squirrels and other puppies, too! Glad you had such a good time with the Jacobs! I know they love their puppy dogs and were very happy to meet you! Hope you have a safe trip home. I know my mom really enjoyed her trip, but missed me and my brother and sisters (also, my daddy, too!). Take care and talk to you soon! Boo Boo!

  11. Hi again, Boo Boo! Mom was home this morning so I got to lie in the sun twice on the deck. It’s a beautiful day here…finally! Trees are in bloom, grass is green, life is good! I watched the clip when your Mom mentioned me on the TV show in California….how cool! You are lucky to live with such a great lady!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Hey Ern - Isn’t life great being a well-cared for and much loved puppy dog?! I’m so glad you enjoyed the video clip. It was pretty cool when she mentioned me, too! She does love her puppy dogs! Thank you for your kudos about my mom! She gives me lots of hugs and kisses. Hope you enjoy your weekend! Boo Boo.

  13. Boo Boo and family…have a wonderful weekend!
    Wishing you many hugs and kisses!

  14. Hey Ernie! Enjoy the sunshine! It’s raining here and I can’t go out for my run, but I hope to, tomorrow. You have a great weekend! Hugs and kisses to you and your family. Love, Boo Boo.

  15. Hi Boo Boo! Hope rain has slowed down! Got to see my Grandma on Saturday - Mom and Dad were working at Grandpa’s in the country. She played ball with me until I was too tired to play anymore. Made her tired, too!
    Hope sun shines in Texas soon!
    Hugs and kisses!

  16. Hi Ernie. I’ve been cuddling with my mom for the last two days. She hasn’t been feeling very good, did a lot of sleeping, but seems to be feeling better now. The weather finally did break and we have been having sunshine and 80+ degrees outside! Mom is going back to work tomorrow, and she promised to take me for a walk. Hope you have a good day! Boo Boo

  17. Hey, Boo Boo! Lots been going on at our house, mostly I’ve been left with pet sitter Darlene! My Dad came home after 3 weeks of being gone and I cried a lot when I saw him. Today Mom took me for a short ride and I found a bag of Cheeze-it crumbs in the back floor…what a find! I scarfed them down while waiting on Mom to get her act together so we could go to the hardware store. Your Mom is a thoughtful, kind lady. You are lucky dog.
    My best to you!

  18. Hey Ern…can you believe my mom forgot that she is supposed to approve the comments because of all the spam she was receiving? That’s why is has taken her so long to respond. I know you were glad to see your Dad. He and Mom were having a hard time. Glad you found those Cheeze -it crumbs. I try to take my sister Luci’s meal bone when she isn’t looking. Sometimes, I eat grass and my mom isn’t happy about that, at all! Well, take care of you. Hope your mom and dad are doing better! Boo Boo

  19. Hey, Boo Boo! Keep up the good work stealing bones -mischief is fun! Yesterday Mom worked on the deck with her laptop for 4 hours and I had great fun digging under the deck trying to get to the baby rabbits and barking at the chipmunks in the woodpile! She finally tried to squirt me with the hose to make me stop barking, but it was only a shower, which made mud, then I was wet AND dirty and she had to clean me and dry me. What fun! She finally tied me to her chair so I couldn’t get into any more mischief. It was fun for a few hours anyway! Best to you…stay cool!
    Squirmin’ Ernie

  20. Hey Ern - what’s happening? I know what you mean. When it rains here, I get muddy paws and mom and dad aren’t too happy about it. They have to clean up after me and my brother and sisters! I just got my new haircut and I am stunning. Mom thinks I am particularly cute. I don’t like having my ears trimmed, though. I get a little figety with mom. She says that it’s a good idea that she bathes and gives me haircuts. She wouldn’t trust anyone else. Well…take care and keep in touch. Your friend, Boo Boo

  21. Boo Boo! Isn’t mud fun! We’ve had lots of rain here so lots of fun to dig and eat dirt! Can’t play frisbee much since it’s been very wet and Mom doesn’t like to throw it and then have to clean my feet. Mostly because I growl at her. I don’t like anyone touching my feet, especially back feet! My goal still is to catch a squirrel or rabbit. Will keep you posted. Glad you have had a haircut and bath. I get brushed and don’t feel like I need a bath, though Mom tells me it is coming soon. I will keep you posted…I hate baths! After my bath, Mom ties me to the table on the deck because if she doesn’t, I go roll in the dirt and mulch and get even dirtier than I was before the bath - oh well, she figured out how to stop that. I always try to outsmart her!
    Have a fun summer! Squirmin’ Ernie

  22. Boy Ern…Isn’t it a trip to wig out our parents? I know they love us, but it’s fun to keep them on their human toes. I know what you mean about getting your paws wiped. I don’t even like having my nails clipped! It seems like they’re always doing something to us. BUT…I was chilly last night, so mom put me under the covers and I got to snuggle in her arms. HAH! Even my brother and sisters couldn’t do that. Well…I’m going to go bark at the birds. The squirrels won’t come into my back yard. Take care and play! Boo Boo

  23. Yeah, Boo Boo, it’s fun to mess with their minds! I like the nail clipping even less than the mud wiping. I make her bribe me with treats or else I growl and pretend I’m going to bite her. Glad you got to snuggle with your Mom. I am a very spoiled boy…I sleep with my Mom every night and I get most of the queen bed. She gets a small space near the edge and I smash my body up next to her so she can’t move me (I weigh 75 pounds)! Sure beats the concrete floor in the shelter! Have fun with the birds! Ern

  24. Hey, Boo Boo! Long time no talk! Just wanted to see how things were in Texas. I have been a bit under the weather so sorry I haven’t written. Going back to doc today to see if we can get this infection under control. Mom was gone for 10 days and boy am I glad she’s back! Best to you and the whole Kuerbitz clan!
    Ernie from KY

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